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DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro at cheapest possible price

No doubt Mavic Pro is right now the best drone in the market, both in terms of quality, design, portability and features. Its time to take advantage of this opportunity. You can get 8% discount on Mavic Pro through Banggood using our coupon.
Right now it is priced at 1030$, after applying the coupon. It will be just 947$ and you will also get a Free Shipping to your country. Yes they do ship world wide.

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Brushless Micro FPV are coming are becoming trend now. There are lot of them coming like Kingkong GT90 and Eachine Aurora series. But the Emax is the one that standout from all of them.

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It is using Femto F3 flight controller. Note that it is only available in PNP which means you need to put your own micro receiver on it and also buy the battery for it as well. It is using 25MW 5.8G FPV camera.

Check out the Andy RC review of Emax Baby Hawk


So this is yet another Tiny Whoop clone. Looks like they will be coming, but this is not good for this hobby as there will be no new innovation in these. But anyway lets get into it. 

This is 75mm frame with F3 brushess flight controller available in these receivers; DSM 2, FAAST receiver, FlySky receiver, FrSky and also available without receiver. It have two versions Basic and Advanced. Priced at 62-80$. Battery is 500mah lipo and uses a little bit different connector.

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Advanced version contains some extra batteries, extra canopies in different colors, combo charger, many propellers set and extra motors. Weight of drone is 31.3g without receiver and battery. It have beta flight and 25mW/16CH FPV camera mounted on it.


By looking at its frame it looks nicely built with some extra protection and support. Plastic quality looks good. Motor mounts is also looks okay. Battery fits very nice. Canopy on its top protects its guts from breaking and also give it a very nice look

EMAX babyhawk - Photo credit AliShanmao


We are sure that many of your heard this company Emax for first time but they are quite old. They are mostly expert in making drones guts motors, esc and frames. But this time they came up with RTF and PNP version of this quad.

This is 85mm brushless micro fpv racing quadcopter which is using Femto F3 flightcontroller. This looks to be direct competitor to Tiny Whoop series. But this is definitely the best one.

Brushless Motors

Brushless motors are high quality powerful motors. Emax is expert in making these. It has got a great punch in it. It is using 7.4v lipo battery to power up everything. This one is priced at 99$ for PNP version at Banggood. It is expected to be in stock in a week. We will also get one in our hand to test it out. It is definitely worth the money can be flown both indoor and outdoor.

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One of Youtuber AliShanMao got it in his hand for review. You can check his review.

Phantom 3 Professiona vs Xiaomi Mi 4K
  • Xiaomi Mi 4k = 400-420 USD
  • Phantom 3 Professional = around 800-900 USD
So its almost a 50% difference in price. You can get two Xiaomi drones for one Phantom 3 Pro.
  • So both can shoot 4K with 30 FPS
  • Xiaomi Mi 4K can't shoot RAW
  • Both Phantom 3 and Xiaomi Mi has same camera FOV which is 94 degree
  • Both has same megapixel 12.4 MP
  • Both have f/2.8 aperture

  • Xiaomi Mi Drone can fold its leg and camera gimbal can be removed.
  • Phantom 3 legs can't be fold nor its camera gimbal can be removed.
  • Xiaomi Mi Drone is less bulky looking it is much compact
Take a look here:
  • Both can do follow me, circle point of interest and mission flights
  • Both Return home when battery gets low.
  • Both gives real time live stream on your smartphone
  • Both avoids no fly zones
  • Both have GPS/Glonass
  • Both have Vision Positioning for indoor flying

  • Both can fly around 25 mins
  • Phantom 3 Battery = 4480 mah
  • Xiaomi Mi battery = 5100 mah
  • Both has intelligent battery
  • Phantom 3 battery is expensive
  • Xiaomi is much cheaper
  • Both shows battery status LEDs

  • Phantom 3 has much long video/control range than Xiaomi
  • Xiaomi can only go to 2000m
  • Phantom 3 can go up to 3 miles

So now its up to you! Xiaomi is giving much better price and enough values to compete with Phantom 3 Pro/Advanced. So if you're interested in buying Xiaomi Mi drone we have coupon for you.

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Xiaomi Mi Drone

Yes! Xiaomi Mi Drone is now the world's cheapest 4K camera previously it was UPair Chase which was nightmare for lot of people. So you are getting this 4K aerial photography platform for just around 420 USD with world wide shipping. It does have GPS/Glonass to give you solid stability in the air. For indoors it has Vision Positioning Sensor at the bottom like DJI has. So it performs stable in indoor as well.

So lets talk about the camera and stabilization.

4K camera with integrated 3 axis stabilization
So this is what you are getting is a 3 axis stabilized integrated camera which will smooth up your all videos as knife and butter. It works great as it is supposed too. It doesn't have 360 pan. Overall camera gives you 4K at 30 FPS.
Vision Positioning System
This is the vision positioning system, which will give it stability even indoor where GPS is not available. So by this way drone will not move here and there. It will be in one position so you can fly with confidence.
Form factor
Its form factor is great as it legs folds up and camera gimbal can be removed so it gives you much portability. Even it is better than Phantom series in terms of portability.

It does fly up to 25 mins
It does RTH if battery gets too low.
It does give you live stream on your smartphone.
It does smart features like follow me and circle.

So it is great deal, to have a 4K camera platform for just around 420$. In terms of pricing Xiaomi killed DJI. So if you are interested in buying this. We have got coupon for you.

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