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Phanvic -
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You may have seen this already. These are getting popular. Many people have done this mod. 
It needs some technical and repairing skills. Not everyone can do this mod.

Here are some pros and cons of Phanvic


This is the biggest reason not to try out this mod. It is risky even to tear down your Phantom 3 and then after that replacing all of its guts onto the new phanvic frame and setting up everything.

Even if you have successfully done it, in flight it can still give you fatal issues and heating issues (as experienced by some early testers)


When it is done perfectly, it makes your old big phantom 3 much more portable, but remember that it will not be exact same dimensions as Mavic Pro. Phanvic kit is bigger than Mavic dimensions. But still it will be smaller, lightweight than your Phantom 3.

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Mavic Air - iJustine youtuber
DJI Mavic Air is DJI's latest consumer drone, released few weeks ago. Comes with a very nice size, excellent camera, more sensors and other great smart features. It will go successful for sure.

So many people are looking to buy this drone right now so we decided to find where we can get it for discounted price and with worldwide shipping so we done some research and found it also a great coupon as well.

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They are curently charging 899$ for Mavic Air and 1099$ for Fly More Combo and after you use the above coupon you will get 8% OFF on the order total. So it's seem to be fair deal at the moment.

So you will get Mavic Air for 827.08$ and 1011$ for Mavic Fly More Combo
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mavic pro,led,propeller.drone,dji
Mavic Pro LED propellers -
Who would have thought of putting lights in the propellers, but they did. But looks cool. Yes you will need to put a small 3v cell in each propellers. I think this is good idea for flying your drone in wedding or any event :)
Propeller close up

But DJI will don't recommend any third parties accessories specially props. We are also not sure about it quality, surely this will not be your go to propellers maybe just use it once in a blue moon. But we still think that the idea is dumb! :)

Anyone who is still interested in buying this propeller can buy from
Mavic Air Folded Down - PC @androidauthority
So DJI just released Mavic Air drone and here is the reason you should not buy it!

WiFi Transmission

This is the major blow, we can't trust a WiFi transmission anytime. This has caused some fly aways and signal issues. It was fair for Spark as it is much cheaper, but for this 800$ drone it is risky. WiFi transmission will be never ever come close to OcuSync or Light bridge technology. It can't live up with interference nearby us.

This one has decreased flight time of 21 minute which DJI says, so in real world it will be around 17 minutes and not sure how it will fight with the strong winds and it will give 15 minutes of flight time with that.

But still drone looks good, i like the way DJI first time protected its gimbal. But you can protect your Mavic Pro gimbal as well using this accessory

Mavic Air does have some great feature like backward obstacle avoidance sensor 32MP sphere and 100mbps 4K video recording.

If you want to buy DJI Mavic Air still with world wide shipping for 799$
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Mavic Pro - Credit: CNET

We have a found best deal for the best drone till yet Mavic Pro. Get 30% OFF on it and shipped worldwide for free. This deal is also available for Fly More Combo as well. Lets get straight into it!

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After applying coupon, Mavic Pro will cost you $860.30 and Fly More Combo will cost you $1,119.30. We are not sure how long this offer will last it can close at any time. We will update the post if the coupon will not anymore.

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DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro at cheapest possible price

No doubt Mavic Pro is right now the best drone in the market, both in terms of quality, design, portability and features. Its time to take advantage of this opportunity. You can get 8% discount on Mavic Pro through Banggood using our coupon.
Right now it is priced at 1030$, after applying the coupon. It will be just 947$ and you will also get a Free Shipping to your country. Yes they do ship world wide.

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Brushless Micro FPV are coming are becoming trend now. There are lot of them coming like Kingkong GT90 and Eachine Aurora series. But the Emax is the one that standout from all of them.

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It is using Femto F3 flight controller. Note that it is only available in PNP which means you need to put your own micro receiver on it and also buy the battery for it as well. It is using 25MW 5.8G FPV camera.

Check out the Andy RC review of Emax Baby Hawk