iDrone 1 **with 5.8G FPV 4K video and 16MP camera drone**

Just found on BG:

After the UPair Chase quadcopter now we have got another similar type of quad a 5.8G FPV system with 2AXIS gimbal and it shoots 4K and 16MP stills as well.Design is totally different from all of them and 40mins flight time make it something very different from all previous one!
Well lets see how people will review this new product
Looks little bit weird!  This is year of 600-700$ quad and this one comes with price of 659$ it includes a 4K camera(most probably a FireFly 6S) with little bit of different design+ 16MP camera and 2Axis gimbal.I think they want to compete with UPair Chase.The Quadcopter design looks to be very different from all others just little bit resemblance with Xiro Xplorer,but take a look at landing gears its something very different.Battery for quadcopter is 6980mAh and take a look at flight time it is 35-40 Minutes wow! that's fantastic.You have to install iDrone app to see live video stream to your phone!
These are the information provided by Banggood:


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