MicroDrone 3.0 Review - Micro Camera Quad with Micro Gimbal

Today, we will be discussing about the MicroDrone 3.0!.It is a very nice micro size camera quadcopter with micro gimbal that stabilizes your videos.Micro gimbal is something that other failed to do and we have not seen anything like that before and you will get live feed on your smartphone by downloading the MicroDrone 3.0 app on your iPhone or android device.Another you can also use Dodo case for Virtual Reality experience.That's awesome.

Well its 720p camera version is released i guess but its without gimbal.I think that gimbal+1080p camera will make this product hit in the market.But there are other great things in this quad is that everything slides in and its plug and play.like battery slides into the bottom and then camera snap on it using magnets.Battery is 550mAh lipo which will give us 8mins flight time.Note that this quad can also be controlled with Smartphone as well but it will decrease its control range.

But the thing remaining is that Altitude Hold feature.Now every quad that is coming into the market has this feature.This gives ease to the beginners and a way to attract beginners who wants to enter in this hobby.

Here the some photos that i have got from there facebook page

WiFi Camera Module

550mAh Lipo Battery
7.5mm 0820 motors for MicroDrone 3.0
PCB of MicroDrone 3.0
Battery Charger for MicroDrone 3.0
2.4Ghz Transmitter


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