UPair Chase new batch version vs previous batch

If you have got your UPair Chase in 2015 then most probably you have got the first batch version of UPair Chase, but now in second batch they have changed some things in UPair chase.So this post will cover the things that what they have changed as compare to previous version.

So first of all i Thanks to AmsterdanHolland for these photos which you made.
The new UPair Chase is in the right and previous version is at left.
From the top look, the only thing which changed is that new Upair chase have red dots on two motors.I think they want to show that clockwise motors.

New Chase is in right and previous one is in left
So when we look it from sides here you will notice some changes.Connector has been changed,the gimbal cable is different and dampening balls are different one.
Previously there was some issues with gimbal as well and they have fixed it now.

New upair chase is in left and previous chase on right
Notice some changes antennas have been change and video transmitter have been changed, because there was some issues regarding its video range so hopefully it will be fixed now.

Previous Video Transmiter
Previous video transmitter

The new video transmitter is in top and previous one is in bottom.Now it is much clean look than the previous one and also internals have been changed as well.
On top is 2K camera previous batch,on left 4K camera of previous batch and on right is new 4K camera of latest batch.
Cameras have also been changed.On right side you can see the 4K camera which will be used in new batch.Only thing we can notice is that they have written 4K on the camera.All things are same still.

Old compass style and old cable
New compass style
New compass in now mounted on landing gears with two screws.So hopefully it will lock more precisely and accurately with minimum drift.
new antenna
The antennas are now being held in the landing gear, instead of using double sided tape which was used in previous version and also landing gear has been reshaped to accommodate the compass screws as well

New charger is in left and previous one is in right

New charger is on right and previous one is in left
So lot of things have been changed in this new batch production.So early buyers will be worried now because there was some issues regarding its fpv range and gimbal issue hopefully they will be fixed.Sorry for those who bought it in the first batch but they should add hardware like gimbal and boards for sale as well.
Overall it is much cleaner look than the previous model and hopefully it will fly well now :D

Once again Thanks to AmsterdamHolland from RCgroups for providing us these photos.


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