Wingsland ViPro **3 axis handheld brushless gimbal**

This is review of first handheld 3 axis gimbal from Wingsland.This company made a quadcopter Wingsland Scarlet, but this time they released a handheld gimbal.

So it have 4 feature.Note that camera is not included, it is just a 3 axis brushless gimbal.You can use any goPro on it or any camera.It design looks very nice and built quality is excellent.

You will also get a case as well looks very nice and clean.It is priced at 310$ which looks quite affordable

So lets take a look at the features it have, it have 4 modes

  • Pitching lock mode
  • Following mode 1
  • Following mode 2
  • Trick Photography mode
But we need to wait a bit look for reviews and then decide to buy.We have found a video on Youtube of this handheld gimbal.
Take a look here:

So if you are interested in buying this, Gearbest have added this on their website
Here is link:


  1. can attach a smartphone also on this gimbal?

    1. Not too sure but you can do some sort of mod on it.