Xiro Xplorer Mini - Best Selfie Drone

Well Xiro is the company which future is looking bright they are going to launch their 3 new products this year and this is one of them.This one is designed for taking selfies and more like a smart size drone with great features!

So this is Xplorer Mini! a very nice sized drone that have these features

  • GPS/Glonass system
  • Weighs only 450gm
  • Follow me
  • Waypoints
  • One key return home
  • Point of interest
  • 13 Mega Pixel HD camera
  • 1080p 60FPS video
  • Indoor positioning sensor(Vision positioning sensor)
  • Interchangeable Body for designing
So this is the drone that will change everything it ticks all the mark that was lacking in quadcopter of this size.Battery on this quad is 1300mah which will give you around 15min flight time.You will require to install Xiro app to see the live video stream to your phone also this app is same a DJI go App this one also have lot of options and features in it.

Well we can expect that Xiro company will be something big in future maybe they will be something more than DJI(a leading drone company right now).

But we need to know when it will be released and how it will be priced when it will be available.Checkout the Xiro Xplorer Mini page: http://www.xirodrone.com/xplorermini/

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  1. infomercial. i guess you are working for xiro company