Hubsan X4 Pro H109S

Well this quad just didn't got much attention as it was expected. There small micro quads got very much fame all around the world. This one is a highend professional aerial photography quadcopter. Not many people know about this model.

This one is X4 Pro H109S, It is a GPS equipped quadcopter that have 1080P HD camera and 3 axis gimbal. It also offers flight time of 40min which exceptional but needed to be proved when it will be available on Banggood, but they advertise it will fly for 40mins maybe without camera and gimbal hovering. It has 5.8G FPV transmission which gives live video stream at the monitor screen on your controller. Also it does Auto take off and landing.

Another cool thing is its Controller, which very nicely designed and it is well built having the screen in the center.It also includes a sunshade as well so you can see in the sunny day as well. In picture below you can see what will be included in the box.

If you are interested in buying it here is its link where you can buy it right now:


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