is UPair Chase and Cheerson CX-22 both failed?

Well it is more likely a fail for UPair Chase and Cheerson CX-22, both were almost offering same kind of price 599$-699$. First Cheerson CX-22 was released and then UPair Chase before launching both were looking that will hit in the market like the Cheerson CX-20 (Previous quad from Cheerson). It they were looking very nice and competitive.

But when they start releasing it both UPair Chase and Cheerson CX-22 from the first batch of production problems starts appearing and they spread like a wildfire.

In CX-22 someone complaining about the Gimbal and Camera and it someone had issues with faulty battery.It was announced that flight time on that will be around 25 mins but people getting around 15-16mins only. So this caused a lot of problem for CX-22 owners.

In UPair Chase, first batch production has issues with the Gimbal, video transmitters, fpv monitor etc. Some people got issues with Gimbal pitch control including me and someone are not getting atleast 200m range with FPV.But they fixed some issues in second batch but still have some issues and now big news that company is shutdown and acquired by another company and we have no information about that company.

Then DJI came they start reducing the prices because of DJI 10 years anniversary. Phantom 3 Standard gone to 499$ which also made the UPair Chase and CX-22 more down and out. Many UPair Chase owners moved to DJI P3 Standard and that's how the story ended.


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