Parrot Disco - A real drone

Parrot on consumer UAV market has launched a variety of good products at this year's CES 2016, they came to show new models Disco is still a prototype stage. Its price and launch date are not set, but the goal is to develop a simpler user interface and operation, allowing entry players and casual users can enjoy the fun of UAVs. How simple operation? Just like throwing a Frisbee-like, you can gently fling off

The new Disco is still through with BeBop same Skycontroller and FreeFlight 3 application control, support for head-mounted display to display images, allowing users to have a first body flying experience. Disco maximum flight speed of 50MPH (about 80 kmph), the effective control distance of up to a radius of two kilometers, replaceable battery in full charge provides 45 minutes of flight endurance (about one hour) later. The use of detachable wing design, more portable so that Disco is also convenient in the event of damage only replace the part.

Like other UAVs, Disco equipment built various sensors, including a gyroscope, altimeter, magnetometer, airspeed pitot tube for computing environments, speed and distance. Such as automatic landing and flight of fancy is dependent on a number of the above data and equipment to help.


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