UPair Chase Company Acquired By Another Company - Latest News

You probably have seen a UPair Chase quadcopter or you maybe own it, but the news which i got today from UPair chase support on skype that
"We have been told that UPair Co. is now acquired by another company and it have become a subsidiary of larger company due to a series of  complex problems it had run up with , extremely surprising.we were forced to resign, hours later.We are not sure that UPair name will be retained by that company or not."

So i talked with them that which company it is any name, and i didn't got any name from them but they said that "just heard the company is a  tycoon in real estate"

But lets see which company it is which acquired the UPair and also what could be reason they acquired.But i think that this drone will come up with new name and they will do in better way than the UPair.

They also said that "Chase will be continued to be manufatured by the new company"

Does this news shocked you?
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