Why to buy DJI Phantom 3 Professional?

Drone enthusiasts and video of DJI's PHANTOM series from the professional has received overwhelming support. That is the latest in to the pinnacle has finally appeared.
This 4K camera standard on-board is, to realize the commitment pilot called "I want to shoot the best video", has been incorporated without exhaustive optimal function.

This unprecedented, best camera

[New release] DJI PHANTOM 3 PROFESSIONAL (4K camera as standard equipment) P3P
PHANTOM 3 PROFESSIONAL camera, equipped with a "f / 2.8" lens of professional.
Nine individual elements, including two optical elements, providing a totally no different beautiful images captured from the real.
The angle of view of the camera lens is proud to not view ever of about 94 degrees, shooting compelling that was not possible to PHANTOM series of traffic is, you can leave you think the pilot.

Equipped with a function to match the era

PHANTOM 3 other multirotor greatly different breakthrough point of PROFESSIONAL is, in addition to the operation of a dedicated controller, is to be able to see the camera image in your existing smartphone or tablet. (Corresponding OS: iOS 8 or later, or Android 4.1.2 or later).
By downloading a dedicated app DJI, you can see the video from the drone on the screen of the smartphone and tablet in real time. Thus you easily perform the filming of "best video".
The 3-axis gimbal correction of the latest design, even if the any operation pilot, PHANTOM 3 PROFESSIONAL allows for complex video shooting in the state to obtain a complete stability. .

Customizable controller

PHANTOM 3 PROFESSIONAL dedicated controller is, the best high sensitivity of the control stick in the design to fit the hand features a dedicated button. It is possible to freely customize remains what you want.
1.2 miles enables stable operation even in the ultra-long distance flight that (2km). Buttons are also autopilot function installed that allows one in, without having to worry about the communication distance between the main body, and to accommodate the far destination of superb view in the PHANTOM 3 PROFESSIONAL of the camera.

Support the latest automatic control flight

"Take-off" of the operation difficult in the drone. Rise motor at once tap until the automatic start-up and the height you set in advance of PHANTOM 3 if DJI Pilot app. PHONTOM3 will wait in the air until you have the following operations.
Furthermore propoxycarbonyl and whether airframe of communication expires, and intelligent flight battery becomes less returned to take-off point to the automatic and safe landing.


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