Huajun HJW606-3 - A lily camera clone

Huajun HJW606-3

This is very nice neat new quadcopter, just added by Banggood they have copied a Lily Drone clone. But i like it because it is very simple and looks elegant. It have brushed motors and have 5.8g FPV system.

Camera is once again is a pinhole camera, 2MP and so called HD. Battery is about 1800mah which good and it will give 10mins of flight time. Control range is around 200m which is decent range for this type of quad. Another good thing at this offers an altitude hold function and as well so you don't need to care more about its height.

Now take a look at the transmitter, well i would say that they copied DJI controller design (i don't know why everyone copies). But it is fine and have a fpv screen on top as well. But leave that! the main thing that i really liked about this quadcopter is its lighting

You will love it


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