Interview with Flyin' Ryan

Well you have seen many reviews from Flyin Ryan on Youtube, If not then here is link to his Youtube Channel. He is the one who really makes very interesting and honest reviews. I got into this hobby by watching his review of Hubsan X4 two year back.
He is also very active on his facebook page, you can ask questions about the products on his page as well.So we got a chance to have a talk with him, we asked some interesting questions and got very interested answers as well.

Q:1 How did you get into this hobby?
When I was about 12 years old, my family moved to a house out in the country.  To take advantage of all the open land, I got into model rockets.  And then I started getting into RC cars.  As for RC flying, I’ve always had a passion for flight, but at that younger age, and with the technology of the time (this was in the early 90’s), it was just not something I felt comfortable getting into.  Then, in 2006, I saw a commercial on TV for the Air Hogs Havoc Heli, which was the first small and affordable RC helicopter that could safely be flown in the house.  I immediately ordered one, and have been hooked ever since!

Q: 2 How did you find out that you have a talent for making review videos?
I started as a viewer of RC reviews, but always had slight issues with the ways other people were making their reviews, or the info they provided, or that they didn’t reply to comments, etc.  So, I was always sort of compiling a list of “this is how I would do it” in my head.  Then, Air Hogs actually suggested that I make RC reviews, because I was very active on their Facebook page, and they thought that I would be more productive if I made video reviews, instead of just answering questions on their Facebook page.  So, that was what motivated me to make my first reviews.  I really enjoyed doing it, and I was very happy with the videos I made, and the response they got from viewers, so I just kept making more and more.  And then as time went on, my cameras and lighting gear have been improved, so the production quality of my videos really increased, which helped greatly in the overall quality of my reviews.

Q:3 Which was your first product that you got for review?
The first products that I reviewed were sent to me from Air Hogs.  They were the Battle Tracker (which is still one of my favorite reviews that I have ever made - I went all out on it!), the Heli Replay, and the Hover Assault.  The Hover Assault review was my first video to get a lot of views, which had a lot to do with lighting the fire in me to keep making more reviews.

Q:4 Your favorite quadcopter that you want to have?
If I had to choose one that I don’t already have, but want, I guess it might be the DJI Inspire.  It is a very professional aerial video platform, which I would like to check out, but just can’t justify spending that much money on it.

Q:5 Your favorite quadcopter that you have currently?
Definitely the Blade 200 QX.  It is the perfect size for flying in the smaller areas that I tend to fly in.  And it also looks great and flies so well.  I think Blade has some of the best flight controller programming on the market.

Q:6 What do you do for work, other than quadcopter reviews?
My regular full-time job is in Quality Assurance, for the website  I really like my job, and I think my QA mentality and experience has a lot to do with making me have the sort of eye for detail, and consistency in presentation and form, that it takes to be a good reviewer.  Before that, I was actually a professional video game tester, for the studio Volition, Inc.  That was a bit of a dream job (aside from the pay, lol).  I am also a musician (I play bass guitar), though I haven’t done that on a professional level since college.

Q: 7 Does anyone help you in video production?
No, I am a one-man show.  I do all the testing, flying, filming, and editing.  I do, on occasion, have a friend that operates a second camera when I film videos at his apartment, where I have access to a small pond for filming boats.

Q:8 Quadcopter that disappointed which was sent for review?
That’s a hard question.  I always try to find at least something positive to say about everything I review… I don’t like to just rant and be completely negative in my reviews.  I suppose some of the more disappointing products for me are ones that had a lot of hype, but didn’t live up to the hype, or ones that come from brands with a good name for quality, but didn’t live up to that name.  The first that comes to mind is the Blade Pico QX.  It was the first nano quadcopter from Blade, and Blade is one of my absolute favorite brands, so I had very high hopes for the Pico QX, and unfortunately it didn’t come anywhere near meeting the expectations.  The other that comes to mind is the JJRC H8C, which was hyped to be the “Syma X5C Killer”, because it came out shortly after the hugely popular X5C came out.  But it just did not live up to that hype, and in fact ended up being notorious for killing motors because of the 7.4V battery.

Q:9 How many quadcopters have you reviewed approx? (from beginning)
I have done about 350 reviews in total, but that includes all types of RCs, not just quadcopters.  I have reviewed about 220 quadcopters.  Wow, I had no idea it was that many until I just now counted them!  lol

Well we Thanks Ryan! for making this interview possible and also for sharing his thoughts.