Two months with Hubsan H501S - is it worth to buy?

Hubsan H501S

Now i have been flying this bird for about 2 months or more, so i know well about this product after reading this blog post you can make a decision whether to buy this drone or not.

Is it worth to buy?

Definitely Yes! It is worth every penny GPS on this machine works superb. It is fast (catch satellites in quick time) and have pin point accuracy in hover. Quality of the product is also good, they used a good plastic which can survive crashes as well.
Lets come to the camera and its video capabilities, overall camera is good its not great but gives very nice well saturated image as it is a wide angle and gives you a fish eye effect it does lens distortion as well. But overall i have found this Camera well it does it job very well.
Follow me feature, is another big feature of this quad it works perfectly well i have used this several time and it worked every time. Most of the people were saying that it gives you a shaky video but in my opinion it gives decent video it floats in the air but you must run with suitable and constant speed to get that type of video.

FPV range is also good gives me around 600m-700m i never make this machine to far away from me. Keep it around 700m maximum. Flight time is also impressive gives 24-25 mins every time on full charge. But the charger provided with the box is not good it takes too much time to charge the battery takes more than 2 hours to charge it fully. They should improve the charger, apart from the charger everything is perfect with this quad. It is small, convenient and easy to fly.

If you are interested in buying this,


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