8% OFF on Phantom 3 Standard, Walkera F210, Walkera Rodeo and Hubsan H502S

Phantom 3 Standard

Get a drone which shoots 2.7K video and 12MP stills and which stream your video live on your iPad or any mobile device with a range of around 1KM, gives you 25mins of flight, follow me and Orbit mode, returns to home point whenever it goes out of range or battery gets too low. All for just 465$ with world wide shipping

walkera f210 racing

Are you into a drone racing? then have a look at Walkera F210 comes with 3D and 120 degree camera included, have a night vision as well using infrared, personalize your setting by connecting it your computer, have mushroom antenna and camera angle is also adjustable. Use your own Devo or get a BNF version. All that for just 423$ and BNF for 349$

Coupon: Euro2016

Walkera Rodeo

Want to start drone racing from today? or it is your first time.. Buy this one it really stands out from all. It is plastic body almost unbreakable, have brushless motors, have acro mode as well, fast as many other racers, it is almost a palm size, camera angle is adjustable and use your Devo or get a BNF version. It is perfect for beginners who want to get into racing game. All that for just 214$ for RTF and 183$ for BNF.

Coupon: Euro2016

Hubsan H502S

A small sized brushed quadcopter, comes with GPS, 5.8G FPV with 720p camera and it do have a FOLLOW ME feature as well and have RTH feature as well. All that for just 178$ with Free Shipping. Perfect for beginners and this is the World's first brushed GPS quadcopter.

Coupon: Euro2016
Link: http://www.banggood.com/Hubsan-X4-H502S-5_8G-FPV-With-720P-HD-Camera-GPS-Altitude-Mode-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-1037296.html?utmid=828?p=SW13098803992014116A


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