How to turn Phantom 3 to Phantom 4?

I own Phantom 3 Standard for 3 months i absolutely love this machine. It is DJI's lowest level quadcopter giving 2.7k video, WiFi downlink, and one of the best app DJI go app.

So Phantom 3 Standard is priced at 499 USD and Phantom 4 cost around 1399 USD so it is almost triple of Phantom 3 Standard. You can get three P3S for one Phantom 4.

Collision avoidance technology is what makes Phantom 4 different from all the other aircrafts in the market. But i don't trust too much on this system no one will ever crash a drone right nose into the wall it can be crashed from backwards or sidewards and Phantom 4 doesn't have any sensor on right, left and back. Another thing that Phantom 4 cannot avoid obstacles like small branches of trees and electric power lines etc and these are the things where 80% Phantoms are crashed. So in nutshell collision avoidance system is not that trustable but hopefully in future we can say.

The another great feature of Phantom 4 is Active Tracking and i really like this feature, it makes the Phantom 4 so much smart and eye catching drone for others. For this reason i would definitely buy the Phantom 4 but story not ends here.

Phantom 4 Active Tracking - Photo
Now you can have this feature on your Phantom 3 Standard, Advanced and Professional and even Inspire 1. But you need just a one app called Litchi app sounds very different but it is a great app for your Phantom 3.

So this app will give you tons of other features including Active Tracking as well. Take a look at its features:
~ Track mode: the aircraft can track any object you select on the video preview, you can also Orbit around the tracked object or have the aircraft autonomously follow the subject
~ Focus mode: easily keep focus on a subject while flying your aircraft
~ Panorama mode: easily shoot 360° horizontal and spherical panoramas
~ Orbit mode with advanced settings and real time controls
~ Ability to pre-plan Waypoint missions without being connected to the aircraft
~ Missions will continue even when signal is lost
~ Ability to plan waypoint missions on a desktop PC/Mac at, missions can then be synced and executed with Litchi
~ Automatic mission sync across all your devices when logged in to your Litchi account
~ Draw waypoint missions with the pen tool
~ Setup classic Waypoint missions as well as Cable Cams, Selfies and more
~ Waypoint mode supports multiple Points of Interest
~ Customizable Bezier curves in Waypoint mode for smoother videos
6 different way point actions (Stay for / Take Photo / Start Recording / Stop Recording / Rotate Aircraft / Tilt Camera)
~ Automatic gimbal control (Focus POI and Interpolate)
~ Take manual control of the aircraft during the mission to play/replay the mission on the fly including gimbal movements
~ Use the Panorama preset to easily shoot a horizontal panorama at waypoints
~ Custom RC keys functions allowing you to create missions as you fly them and more
~ Load and Save your missions
~ Record your iOS device screen at the tap of a button
~ Human readable flight logs, can be automatically uploaded to HealthyDrones
~ Voice feedback for important warnings
~ Select one of 32 transmission channels
~ All camera settings are included
~ Auto video recording
So you have tons of features for your Phantom 3. Active track works exactly same as seen on Phantom 4 you draw a square around the subject and click go and it start tracking the object.

iPhone Screenshot 1
Litchi app - Photo Litchi

But this app cost just 19.9$ which is nothing against the price of Phantom 4, so you get Phantom 3 Standard for 499$ and then buy this app from Apple Store or Google Play for 19$ so in total it cost you 518$ and it is giving almost the same features as Phantom 4.

So if you are interested in buying a Phantom 3 Standard, then visit and then use coupon "Affiliate6" to get 30$ OFF right now.


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