DJI Phantom 4 get's even more cheaper - 1328$ included world wide delivery

DJI Phantom 4 flying - Credits DroneDirector


Yes! Get a 6% OFF on DJI Phantom 3 Standard so it will 1328$ included world wide shipping

So now world's best drone get even more cheap! Probably a best time to buy a DJI Phantom 4. It have a 4K camera, slow motion capablities, OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE SYSTEM, sports mode, tap and fly, ACTIVE TRACK and vision positioning sensor that gives the quadcopter pin point accurate hover without GPS.

All that for just 1328$ which is cheapest among all DJI Phantom 4 prices. Phantom 4 gives you a solid 26-28 minutes flight time with single charge. Basically its stability in hovering makes it the best in the world. It is super solid even without GPS using downward facing sonar sensor that actively tracks the ground. Sports give experience pilots much more fun and help them to make a car chase scenes or shoot any fast moving objects.

So lets get right into the deal, use the coupon: 6rchobby when you'll buy through this link: 

That's it Enjoy 
This coupon may work on many other quadcopters and hobby related items


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