World's cheapest 4K camera drone

UPair Chase 4K camera quadcopter

Looking to buy a camera drone with minimal budget, take a look at this one. This is probably the world cheapest camera quadcopter that can shoot 4K video. It comes with everything ready to go for just 356$ included world wide delivery.

It shoots 4K/24 FPS, have 5.8G FPV live video streaming on the 7inch FPV screen provided with the quadcopter so you don't need to connect your mobile device or any tablet with that. It can take 12MP stills as well. It have 2 axis gimbal which gives you a stable video during its flight. It have Standard GPS, not include GLONASS satellites but still works good. So a complete set for this cheap price it makes it world's cheapest 4K camera drone.

So if you want to buy this drone for 356$ you have to use this coupon: 6rchobby on this link:

Even this quad doesn't comes with 3 axis gimbal like the Phantoms have, doesn't come with intelligent features like follow me and orbit but still it is great for its price. It has targeted its own market which are beginners who want to learn about aerial photography and videography.


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