DJI just killed GoPro Karma Drone

DJI MAVIC on left and GoPro Karma on right
DJI just did it, and they have released the new DJI Mavic drone. A pocket sized drone that can shoot 4K, have 2 axis stabilization, sports mode, obstacle avoidance and other smart features like Tap to fly and follow me etc.

As you know already two weeks before GoPro announced its first drone KARMA. It was small sized drone, 4K camera, follow me function and other intelligent features. So you got it DJI just gave them a punch and realizing them that we are still there!

Which one should i buy? Mavic or Karma "Many people will ask this question". So after reading this post you can make a decision easily.
DJI Mavic has got obstacle avoidance and haven't got 3 axis stabilized gimbal but Karma have 3 axis stabilization but haven't got obstacle avoidance.

Which one is bigger? Karma or Mavic
Definitely DJI Mavic is little bit smaller than Karma in both ways folded and unfolded. So Mavic wins here!
mavic drone 2
DJI Mavic - Photo Credit Verge
GoPro Karma Drone
What about Camera?
Both Karma and Mavic shoots 4K, but camera on Mavic is better it give you non distorted non fish eye image. On Karma image gives you a fish eye effected and distorted. So in camera capabilities DJI is better. But note that Mavic doesn't have 3 axis gimbal while rotating the quad it will often give you a little jerk.

Which one is faster?
Straightforward Mavic sports mode is much faster. Sorry Karma! :)

Flight Time?
DJI says 27 mins but in real world it will be around 22-25 and GoPro says upto 20 mins which means 17-18 means in real world.

Safety and Intelligent Features?
Mavic have got Obstacle avoidance and Karma doesn't have anything like that so it will crash if you run into a wall. Mavic has got more features Tapfly, 3 modes of follow me and Active track. So DJI nailed it in this dept.

Camera on the Karma is removable so you can change it with future goPros and also you can use GoPro stabilized gimbal to make it a steady cam option which is great plus wish DJI have done something like that. But overall
"Mavic kills Karma"


  1. some corrections:
    -mavic has 3-axis gimbal
    -karma can shoot non fisheye with linear mode on Hero5

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