GoPro Karma vs DJI Phantom 4

Gopro Karma Drone

GoPro just released their own very first drone and now entered in the drone industry. Many people are talking Karma which is good for GoPro :) but is it better than DJI Phantom 4? Many of those people asking this question as well. So lets talk about both drones.

Now Karma is much portable, but it doesn't look compact even when it is folded. But when it comes to the backpack it feels much better than Phantom 4. Which one looks cool and elegant definitely Phantom 4 polished shell complete white color makes it very beautiful. Which one is durable? Karma looks durable! hard and good quality plastic.
On which on repair/upgrade is easy? Definitely Karma it is modular and repair and upgrade is also easy. There idea of putting gimbal in front is amazing. No more  props in the footage and also it slides out which is easy for upgrades and repairs. On Phantom 4 props still comes in footage and repair is impossible.
Karma Drone Camera GoPro 5
Lets talk about main thing! the camera. So its all Gopro cameras on the Karma so basically its an action so cannot give a cinematic look. Footage of it cannot be used in your short movies, music videos and other projects. Karma drone camera gives a fish-eye footage (sadly) so cinematographers will still use Phantom 4 as it gives a flat non distortion video.

So hope this blog post will be useful for many drone enthusiast out there. But GoPro Karma will be interest of Enthusiast who just want to fly a drone and take some videos but Phantom 4 is for Professionals who want to get paid and use the content commercially.


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