Worlds Cheapest 4K Camera Drone

Xiaomi Mi Drone

Yes! Xiaomi Mi Drone is now the world's cheapest 4K camera previously it was UPair Chase which was nightmare for lot of people. So you are getting this 4K aerial photography platform for just around 420 USD with world wide shipping. It does have GPS/Glonass to give you solid stability in the air. For indoors it has Vision Positioning Sensor at the bottom like DJI has. So it performs stable in indoor as well.

So lets talk about the camera and stabilization.

4K camera with integrated 3 axis stabilization
So this is what you are getting is a 3 axis stabilized integrated camera which will smooth up your all videos as knife and butter. It works great as it is supposed too. It doesn't have 360 pan. Overall camera gives you 4K at 30 FPS.
Vision Positioning System
This is the vision positioning system, which will give it stability even indoor where GPS is not available. So by this way drone will not move here and there. It will be in one position so you can fly with confidence.
Form factor
Its form factor is great as it legs folds up and camera gimbal can be removed so it gives you much portability. Even it is better than Phantom series in terms of portability.

It does fly up to 25 mins
It does RTH if battery gets too low.
It does give you live stream on your smartphone.
It does smart features like follow me and circle.

So it is great deal, to have a 4K camera platform for just around 420$. In terms of pricing Xiaomi killed DJI. So if you are interested in buying this. We have got coupon for you.

Coupon: dd8440
Discount: 10%


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