Here is the one reason you should not buy Mavic Air!

Mavic Air Folded Down - PC @androidauthority
So DJI just released Mavic Air drone and here is the reason you should not buy it!

WiFi Transmission

This is the major blow, we can't trust a WiFi transmission anytime. This has caused some fly aways and signal issues. It was fair for Spark as it is much cheaper, but for this 800$ drone it is risky. WiFi transmission will be never ever come close to OcuSync or Light bridge technology. It can't live up with interference nearby us.

This one has decreased flight time of 21 minute which DJI says, so in real world it will be around 17 minutes and not sure how it will fight with the strong winds and it will give 15 minutes of flight time with that.

But still drone looks good, i like the way DJI first time protected its gimbal. But you can protect your Mavic Pro gimbal as well using this accessory

Mavic Air does have some great feature like backward obstacle avoidance sensor 32MP sphere and 100mbps 4K video recording.

If you want to buy DJI Mavic Air still with world wide shipping for 799$
You can buy from Hobbywow:

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  1. No - this is a very interesting drone and it's too early to decide that a wifi video downlink will be unacceptable. Let's do some testing instead of making assumptions.