Pros and Cons of Phanvic

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Phanvic -
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You may have seen this already. These are getting popular. Many people have done this mod. 
It needs some technical and repairing skills. Not everyone can do this mod.

Here are some pros and cons of Phanvic


This is the biggest reason not to try out this mod. It is risky even to tear down your Phantom 3 and then after that replacing all of its guts onto the new phanvic frame and setting up everything.

Even if you have successfully done it, in flight it can still give you fatal issues and heating issues (as experienced by some early testers)


When it is done perfectly, it makes your old big phantom 3 much more portable, but remember that it will not be exact same dimensions as Mavic Pro. Phanvic kit is bigger than Mavic dimensions. But still it will be smaller, lightweight than your Phantom 3.

So if you're interested in buying Phanvic, you can buy it from


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